Stockholm and Helsinki: second hand comic shops?

Paolo Castagno paolo.castagno at
Wed Sep 5 10:43:37 CEST 2012

> For my holidays this year I'm trying to visit Scandinavian countries, and
> I'd like to have the opportunity to spend some time in visiting comic shops

Thank you all for your kind answer, they were very useful to add to my
journey some Disney-related souvenirs! :-)

I've been at Tromso's Bruktbokhande, a very nice place with a lot of
comics (not only Disney) in an apparent mess, but I like these shops
where it almost seems that you've got no room to walk because of the
comics stored in it! :-)

Then in Stockholm I visited Comics Heaven and the Nobel Museum, where
I tried to explain them how much deserved would be a Nobel to
Paperinik stories.

Finally in Finland where I had the chance to visit three different comics shops.

What did really made me enthusiastic was the great availability of
comics at newsstands: not only the current issues, but also the old
ones, something closer to a bookshop, where you can find not only the
newest books, than to the newsstands: in Italy if you miss a number of
Topolino there aren't many chances to find it somewhere else....

There are some pics:

Thank you,

   - Paolo

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