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Mon Sep 10 13:11:10 CEST 2012

A certain book is being planned, celebrating ... the ant!, from
various cultural perspectives. There will be book chapters
contributed by different specialists, "the ant in literature",
"the ant from an anthropological perspective", etc. I have
agreed to write one of these chapters, on "the ant in comics".

I haven't really decided on precisely how I am going to
meet this challenge, apart, perhaps, from NOT attempting
any lexicographic thing listing hundreds of comic book
stories featuring ants. But of course I have to describe
and to some extent analyse the three (?) Barks stories
with ants, along with the Mickey & Goofy story with the Battle
Against the Giant Ants (1950?).

But I may need a bit of help from the learned members of this
congregation! So please mention any ant ideas that may
come to your mind, or give us pointers to anything related
to ants in comics!

(And yes, of course I need to mention the Swedish prog-rock
band Hoola Bandoola.)

Nils Lid Hjort

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