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The Wall Street Journal (September 15/16, 2012) has a 5-star review of
the Fantagraphics edition of Carl Barks:

An excerpt:

"Reading stories like "Back to the Klondike" or "The Secret of Atlantis,"
the first thing you notice, even if you already knew it, is what an
efficient draftsman and storyteller Barks was. In the latter story, Barks
takes six panels to establish everything you need to know: These include
one shot of Scrooge sitting on a pile of money, one of him walking in the
groove he has worn in the floor of his Worry Room, and one of him
scowling majestically over the prospect of putting a debt collector on
the trail of Donald, who owes him a dime. The story quickly expands to
take in Scrooge tricking Donald into collecting the dime from himself, a
scheme to buy up every 1916 quarter in the world, a fight in the Atlas
Pie Co., and the revelation that Atlantis is peopled by descendants of
the ancient Egyptians, who use electric eels to power jukeboxes. It all
flows like a brook."


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