thanks for the store recommendations

Mon Sep 17 03:33:20 CEST 2012

Søren Krarup Olesen:

Thanks so much for the recommendations of the two comics stores in Copenhagen! 
One was half a block from my friend's hotel, the other a block or two from the 
place where she was teaching. And she found most of the pre-2009 issues of 
Anders And I had on my "want list" (she was told that it's very hard to find 
back-issues published since 2009, because the stores have had to send back all 
unsold copies right away). Best of all, the two issues from 1988 which had the 
Halas/Angus/Branca story "Bananas" ("Amanda fra Bandango"), where Grandma Duck 
gets the lead in a globe-trotting adventure. I had this story in French (a 
language I can actually read, unlike Danish!), but in the old-style Journal de 
Mickey where they printed stories in fewer pages by putting more panels on the 
page. I love the story, and I really wanted to have a copy with the art printed 
"full-size" (and the page breaks where they should be). Then there were other 
goodies, including a few stories I wanted to see that haven't been printed in 
English, French or German (and which I am struggling my way through with 
GoogleTranslate). I ask myself, why didn't the American educational system teach 
me some really *useful* language, Danish/Norwegian/Swedish, or Finnish, or 
Dutch, or Italian? No consideration for the needs of a Duck fan. :-)

Leo Schulte:

Thanks for the link to the Wall Street Journal review!

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