Contents of Uncle Scrooge #2

Kriton Kyrimis kyrimis at
Tue May 12 09:31:05 CEST 2015

(I guess this question is for David Gerstein.)

I am trying to deduce the contents of Uncle Scrooge #2, based on the recently 
published preview.

Identifying the first story is trivial, as the story code is in the first page 
of the story, which is in the preview. It is H 97246, "De schat van Zapp".

The third story is easy to identify, as well, as there is only one story 
featuring Scrooge and Glomgold created by the creators mentioned in the 
credits page. It is H 29244, "Gelukseiland".

The problem is with the second story, "Yo!", written by Bruno Sarda, drawn by 
Andrea Freccero and featuring Uncle Scrooge. There is only one such story, but 
it is 24 pages long. Given that there are only 40 pages in this issue, this 
story cannot fit in the 7 pages left, after taking the previous two stories 
into account. If we look for stories not featuring Uncle Scrooge, there is one 
21-page story that won't fit, either, and five western-themed one-pagers, from 
the series "Ritorno al Rio Quack", featuring Donald. I suppose that "Yo!" 
could be one or more of these one-pagers, but the American title doesn't seem 
related to any of the original Italian titles.

Have I found an error in the contents page, or has my inducks-fu become rusty?
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