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I am a Carl Barks fan - always have been, always will be. I've got three
boxes full of Donald Duck comics and several Scrooge comics. They are
wrapped and stored in my garage. Hardly a fitting location for them. They
belonged to my father, and he started receiving them when he was a boy, in
the early 1940's. The collection goes to the early 1960's.


My Dad became a college professor - English - but he never stopped
appreciating the work of Carl Barks. In fact, when he was a young man, he
wrote to Barks. The first letter was answered by the publishing company. His
second letter, however, was answered by Carl Barks himself. Along with the
letter, Barks sent a small 5" x 7" drawing of the "old" Donald. The caption
- "Quack, quack, Professor Burnett. Remember when Donald looked like this?"
I still have both the letter and the drawing - both prized possessions. 


I'll tell you a story. My mother died six years ago. It was a sudden death
after years of a healthy life. Not too long after her death, I was sitting
on a bench in the library. Two large bookshelves held all the recently
acquired books - ranging the whole Dewey decimal system. The first several
books were on death and dying and life after death. Naturally, I was drawn
to the topic. As I read of people's experiences, I felt so very sad that I
had never experienced an encounter with a loved one who had passed on. When
my father died 15 years earlier, I felt no presence, no vision, no
connection. I never have. To be honest, it all seemed a bit hooey to me.


So there I was, sitting in the library, reading about death, crying and
feeling that I had lost something that could never be replaced - not in form
nor in deed. I looked up, and my eyes went immediately to one of the newly
acquired books. It was "Donald Duck - Lost in the Andes" by Carl Barks. I
was stunned, shocked, to say the least. It wasn't just Donald Duck; it was
Carl Barks, too. It wasn't just Carl Barks, it was "Lost in the Andes." I
had that very comic - had read it dozens of time. 


At that moment, I knew my mother was with me. Donald Duck comics were a
common language growing up in my family. We referenced life as it related to
a Barks story. The "sign" couldn't have been more clear. It was the one
thing that I would absolutely, positively know that it was meant for me. I
knew my mother would always be with me.


I kept the book. Stole it, I guess, but I did replace it.



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I always enjoyed reading people's emails. I did not have much to say though.

Most of my duck comics have been given away to children and while I stop
into a comic store every few months I really do not see much that interests
me in the way of duck material. Is that the problem for most? I miss Rosa.




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It does seem to be mostly unused nowadays.


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On 2018-03-13 22:16 +0000, gary Pantzer wrote:
> I have not received an email from the DCML in a long time. Is it still
> in use?

I have not received any emails from the list lately either, but your
message made it through.

This month, for the first time in a while, I got a monthly password
reminder from the mailing list server behind DCML.

Nuno Silva


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