re re re re thanks, Lynne Burnett

Nils Lid Hjort nils at
Thu Mar 15 20:18:33 CET 2018

I've forgotten how this is supposed to work
-- should I include the Looong Message
I'm responding too, or not? I take a chance
and delete the long tail, hoping that the
message occurs as a message, without
the clutter of a full copy of seven other things.

I just wished to thank you, Lynne Burrett,
for your touching little story about Barks
and your father and the library. 

Another matter is whether the DCML deserves
a continued life, after being almost out of
the system for years. Perhaps we should
transport ourselves to a Disney Comics
Reading Group at Facebook. There are
dozens & dozens of comics groups there
already, I'm sure, but very few of them
are functional and well-working.

Nils Lid Hjort 

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