DCML Digest, Vol 134, Issue 4

Garth Danielson gedanielson at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 16 14:28:43 CET 2018

I'm some sad to see there's such little interest in the Duck titles. Dealers
don't even bother to bring Disney's to the local comic con, no one asks for
them much.
I still buy the Disney titles from IDW but I find I read one or two issues
every few months and the rest pile up in a stack that I need to read but
It's gotten to be a large stack. I'm finding I'm just not that keen on the
IDW stuff as I was when Gladstone or Gemstone was making comics.
I haven't even bothered with the other Disney comic publishers, I'm just not
as interested in their comic books.
I have been buying the Fantagraphics collections of Rosa and Barks as well
as some comic book reprint anthologies and omnibus's that have been coming
out lately.
I am amazed at all the collections of old comic books currently available.
Where were these collections twenty or thirty years ago when I was much more
Over the last several years I have gathered a pretty large collection of
Disney comic book scans and I find I am reading those over the actual comic
The whole collection resides on a HD not much bigger than of a pack of
cigarettes, and there's plenty of room for other stuff too.
As I get into my mid 60s I find I'm thinking of getting rid of the old paper
comics and keeping the scans to read in the future.
I'm not thinking I'll make a lot of money, there just isn't the market for
the old Disney's there once was.
It's more I'm thinking I'll get rid of a lot of weight and gain some space. 
As I move toward living in an apartment I have to give up some stuff as I
won't have the space I have in a house. 


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