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I have a feeling that a lot of previous buyers do not even bother go to comic book stores anymore. They do not even have a way to find out if new "good stuff" was coming out in the first place. Things have really broken down in a systematic way for comic books. The days of catching a glimpse of a good Duck cover and, ahem, buying it for my 8 year old 😉, at a grocery store, gas station, convenience store are long gone.

I also feel that Disney does not care about these characters anymore either. They have been neutered and sjw'd to the point I no longer recognize them from their glory days. A Don Rosa is no where to be seen who actually seemed to care on a majestic scale.

If it was not for this mailing list popping it up in my mind on occasion or my morbid curiosity of actually owning a Carl Barks oil painting one day which go for obscene prices on Heritage I would not even give it a thought at all.

I cannot be the only one who has morphed into this shape. Kind of a sad email. I have children who are at the right age to appreciate good Duck material but I will no longer go out of my way to purchase new stores. I have plenty of old comics to provide them and I do not care about their condition. I give the stuff away now days to children who, if I am lucky, will be pulled away from their ipad for an hour or two.

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Brian Tucker asked about the status about the Disney Comics published by IDW.

In any case, in my opinion the quality of the stories in recent issues has been very poor. Artwork has been poor, as are the storylines. I also feel it was a big mistake to restart the numbering of US and WDCS.

I have been buying every issue of WDCS upon publication since 1954, but unless there is a significant improvement, I won’t be buying any more.

I guess some people wanted to buy the new number ones, but also isn't there a risk that long-time buyers as you see this as an a reason to stop getting it? Then you can see your collection as complete without having to get anything more.

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