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Fellow Quackeroos:

Here's what appeared in the Greek stands in the past week:

1) MIKY MAOUS #1834, September 7, 2001
a) "Alla ricerca della pietra zodiacale: l' eredita di Zodiacus", (Part 12),
from "Topolino" #1791, 1990 (30 pages). Script: Bruno Sarda; Art: Massimo De
b) Morty & Ferdie in "Il fratello da colezzione", from "Topolino" #2254,
1999 (26 pages). Script: Augusto Macchetto; Art: Andrea Ferraris
c) Fethry Duck in "Le disdette del volo", from "Topolino" #2224, 1998 (5
pages). Script: Augusto Macchetto; Art: Roberta Migheli
d) H, D & L in " The Old Records" (7 pages). Story code and creators

2) MINNI #60, September 2001
a) Daisy Duck in "The Dreamy Cook", from "Minni" #76 (30 pages). Script:
Carlo Panaro; Art: Marco Mazzarello
b) Minnie Mouse in "An Explosive Adventure", from "Minni" #54 (33 pages).
Script: Francois Corteggiani; Art: Marco Mazzarello

3) MEGALO MIKY #409, September 2001
a) "Oliver & Co", comic-book adaptation of the Disney cartoon classic,
D-89041 (46 pages). Art: Xavier Vives Matheou (sp?)
b) The Junior Woodchucks in "In the Lion's Footsteps", WDC&S #334 (10
pages). Script: Unknown; Art: Tony Strobl
c) Mickey Mouse in "The Moving Island", S-85113 (10 pages). Creators unknown
d) Uncle Scrooge in "The Bad Dream", S-76129 (6 pages). Script: George
Weiss; Art: Tony Strobl

4) DONALD #46, September 2001
a) Donald Duck in "Escape from Routine", story code unknown, 30 pages.
Script: Sergio Tulipano; Art: Salvatore Deiana
b) Donald Duck in "Operation Bloated Arms", from "Paperino" #127 (29 pages).
Script: Rudy Salvagnini; Art: Enrico Faccini
c) Donald Duck in "La missione buonumore", from "Paperino" #227, 1999 (30
pages). Script: Sergio Tulipano; Art: Danilo Barozzi

5) ALMANAKO #127, September 2001
a) Indiana Goofy in "Il tesoro dei cavalieri d' oriente", from "Topolino"
#2323, 2000 (37 pages). Script: Bruno Sarda; Art: Roberto Vian
b) Paperinik in "The Upside-Down World", from "Paperinik" #65 (21 pages).
Script: Tito Faraci; Art: Giuseppe Ferrario

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