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Conrado Lazaro

[By François Willot:]

This is one of the most talented Spanish artists. He worked and still works for the Comicup Studio in the 90s. His first works (done for the Journal de Mickey around 1990) consisted of special riddle gags (where Mickey and/or Goofy have to solve a mystery). His style is especially recognizable: background characters and heroes (mice charaters) all have very round faces, and their positions are often exaggerated (but it's very well done). He has improved his style along the years, and definitely showed its best on the 8-pager stories he did for France (one of the first is Marathon Manhattan, with Ellsworth and Goofy running a race in Manhattan).

Conrado Lazaro stopped working for France in 1994 (and, so it seems, left at the same period Barcelona, where the Comicup Studio is). He went back in 1997, and started working for Disney-France again. His Disney style improved again, and became even more original (perhaps due to the influence of new Italian artists?).

It should be noted that though Lazaro is specialised in Mice stories, he has also made occasional Duck adventures (one of the best is Panique sur les ondes with Donald and Daisy). He also worked for Italy (e.g. some stories drawn by him for Minnie & Cie - a series where Donald and Fethry are working as journalists for Scrooge's newspapers, and disguise themselves as women to make interviews).

Conrado Lazaro is, together with Isabel Penalva and José Ramon Bernado, one of the best Disney Comics artists of the Comicup Studio, even if he is not well-known among Disney Comics fans, yet!

Last updated March 24, 1999.

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