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Luca Faccioli


Luca Faccioli
Via Vizzani 76
40138 Bologna


[By Rob Klein:]

Luca Faccioli was born in Bologna, Italy in 1967. His father bought his first Disney comic book (Topolino 720 - 14 Sept. 1969) for him at the age of two! By the age of 13, Luca started filling in his large collection by purchasing used copies of the Disney comics issued before he was born. He now has an almost-complete collection of Post WWII Italian Disney comics. He also has many U.S. Disney comics from the 1950s and 1960s.

In 1992, Luca started sending story plots to Disney Italia. As of early 2001, he has had five stories accepted, and two have been printed. He intends these to be the first of many. In 1999, he started writing pocket book - style story scripts to Egmont. The first has been accepted, and the second is now in progress.

Luca's major influences are Carl Barks, Don Rosa, and Romano Scarpa, but he is continuously developing his own style. His primary goal is to produce stories that he would be fascinated to read himself. He takes great effort to avoid falling into the pattern of settling for over-used Disney "cliché" plots, which have become too predictable and "stale". To that end, he often has the characters doing the "opposite" of what the reader might expect. Luca enjoys writing adventure stories, which take the Ducks to exotic locations all across the World. But, he also likes to weave in "Earth Riddles", or scientific, historical and cultural considerations whenever they can add to the richness, colour and depth of a story. Like so many of the new generation of artists and writers who grew up treasuring the stories in the Disney comics, Luca wants to do his VERY BEST to help add to the canon of what will eventually be considered "classical" stories.

His favourite Italian artists are: Scarpa, Cavazzano, Carpi, Scala, Asteriti, Pier Lorenzo De Vita, Massimo De Vita, and Gatto. Up-coming young talents whose work he admires are: Gorlero, Guerrini, Molinari, Faccini, Mastantuono and Gottardo.

His favourite non-Italian artists (and writers) are: Barks, Rosa, Van Horn, Vicar, Branca, Jippes, Verhagen and Kruse.

Last updated August 8, 2001.

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