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There are other pages on Disney comics as well. Here are the ones I know of, sorted by language.


Note! Only general pages are listed here. There are links to pages on specific characters or creators on the corresponding pages here. Especially there are lots of other pages on Carl Barks and Don Rosa.







Realistforeningen's magazine Husbjørnen sometimes has Disney comics related contents:


The Disney comics mailing list

The Disney comics mailing list is a mailing list on Disney comics which is closely associated to these pages. If you're interested in what you find here you will probably be interested in subscribing to that list. (And on the other hand, if you aren't interested in what you can find in these pages, you will not be interested in the mailing list either.)


The newsgroup rec.arts.comics.misc about comics in general and rec.arts.disney.misc about Disney in general are the appropriate places for postings on Disney comics on Usenet, but Disney comics aren't discussed much in either of them.


On Compuserve there is a Comics & Animation Forum which has a section devoted to Gladstone/Disney. You can only access this if you have a Compuserve account. It is said to be mostly dormant.
Last updated April 3, 2001.

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