Don Rosa: Return to Plain Awful? + News on the FTP archive

Per Starb{ck starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Sun Mar 21 11:09:09 CET 1993

Tom Tanida:
> Wasn't there a Don Rosa story featuring the Ducks' return (including
> Scrooge) to Plain Awful (the land of the square shaped people)?

Torsten Wesley Adair:
> Check the Gladstone Index.  I believe this story was done before Rosa had
> the disagreement with Disney about artwork.  Was this a two-parter?

There is a complete Don Rosa index at the archive
( so better check that
one instead.

It says:
Code    USA          Repr   NL     Scan      Pg  Title [+ remarks]
AR 130  DDA 12-895          X91-09 K90-17/20 28  DD in Return to Plain Awful

I.e., it was in Donald Duck Adventures #12 (Gladstone).

I have recently updated that file with information from Luigi:  US 278
didn't contain Rosa's War of the Wendigo as previously announced, but
instead had a Rosa cover.  Will War of the Wendigo be in US 279

Other news at the ftp archive:

 * I have now compressed most of the files.  If you can't handle
compressed files (with names ending in .Z) you're in luck, as uses an ftp client that allows you to get e.g., the
file "don-rosa" even it there really only is a compressed file
"don-rosa.Z", so it's up to you to decide if you wish to fetch
compressed or an uncompressed files.

 * Kjell Crone's index on vintage American Disney books has been
transmogrified by Harry Fluks so as to be more consistent and to read
more like the other indices at the archive.

 * As the archive maintainer I'm also proud to present (drum roll) the
first publicly accessible version of Harry Fluks's Big Dutch Index
(BDI) on Dutch Disney comic books.  It's (almost) a total index on
Dutch Disney books, with information about titles, artists and
original publications of the stories!  It's in the dutch/ directory.
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