Digests are getting bigger

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at research.ptt.nl
Tue Oct 5 09:34:30 CET 1993

Don Rosa: 
> HEY, PER! Whatsaidea? I thought you once said that long indexes like
> David's of the past few Digests wouldn't be included in the Digests but
> be available for one and all in the files. My computer only allows me to
> page through such massive bodies of text veerrry sloooowly... and I
> hafta pay extra to read all that stuff. Such indexes are absolutely
> wonderful and I marvel at the work that goes into them -- but must they
> be included in the Digests???

Don't blame Per for this: the digests are compiled automatically now
(and that even worked when Per himself had no access to his computer..)

But I guess we have a rule after all for this list:

1. Don't mail large indexes to the list; send them to Per to put on ftp
   or announce them and send them in private mail to people who ask for them.

And I would like to add one 'rule':

2. If anything is of interest to more than one person, don't send it in
   private mail, put it on the list. (Except when rule 1 applies 8-)

But of course, we still have the following rule:

3. Everyone is free to mail to the list whatever he likes. All mails will
   be forwarded automatically and without censorship to all members of the

It is because of this 3rd rule that I had the guts to make up rules 1 and
2 without asking Per about it.


(BTW: David, tell the Gladstone people to put more Jippes in their comics.
There still are a few Milton/Jippes stories not reprinted in the USA.)

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