Disney-comics digest #401.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at compuserve.com
Fri Aug 12 05:12:49 CEST 1994

	"Wendigo" was in the German #45-47 for 1991. I don't have any
recent German issues, but it seems to me that Byron Erickson was telling
me that "Wendigo" was appearing in a 3 issue series including the recent
#2000 issue. Was he thinking of something else, or did they decide to
run "Wendigo" twice in Germany for some reason?
	I certainly don't mean to suggest there's a need for a Rosa
index for every country, but Fabio just sent me a copy of the Italian
PAPERINO #168, the DD 60th birthday issue, with my "The Duck Who Never
Was" as the lead feature (including a short text where I see my name
mentioned and some comments about the Lo$ series which the Italians will
also soon see). This is the first time one of my stories has appeared in
my father's country; the reason is, as we've said, they only have
digest-sized comics in Italy, and my Birthday story was cut apart and
reassembled in digest shape -- this meant they needed to add lots of art
to all the panels to make them larger or squarer, and that didn't do my
already lopsided art much good. I'm sure Italian readers wondered why
this story, which I assume the opening text was praising (?), seemed so
cockeyed looking. They also used Marco Rota's "Life of DD" story in the
same issue, and they ran it in its original form -- I don't know why
they treated the two stories differently. But I see that the opening
mentioned that my grandparents came from Maniago and Venice, and perhaps
that either pleased or embarrassed the readership.

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