What a great list!

Jørgen Andreas Bangor jorgenb at ifi.uio.no
Wed Dec 14 23:03:50 CET 1994

WOW! I'm just away for one day, and when I return there's a lot of
Disney comics mail for me! This list is great! Now I've even learned 
about a northern Dutch language I didn't know much about earlier.
I will also give my thanks to Per for running this list.

Scarpa's Mickey Mystery story
I can't remember that I saw this in the Norwegian #5 (7 months ago),
but I will _certainly_ check it when I come home in a few days.
I'll be back here in Oslo a few days after that to report.

Ah, now I agree with you. 
I reread the story -- you're right, the people does look happy. 
Walking in the streets, reading newspapers, with a big smile in the face.

Horsing Around With History
Well, there's not much to add to what Per said, except that the story is
24 pages. It was published in two parts in Norway (40-41/1994).
Personal opinions are of course personal, but IMHO the story isn't that
great. It's in fact not very different from an average Egmont story.

David's Magica story
David, as I've already mentioned, I'll try to get you a Norwegian copy.
(Argh. Why didn't I think of that when it was on the shelves...)
I think you'll like the issue. It contains the Norwegian version of
"Only an old poor man".

Moby Duck
I'm not so sure if it was Greenpeace that "stopped" Moby Duck. If that
was the case, I think he would have been very popular in Norway.
Greenpeace is not popular at all here. They're more or less looked upon
as pirates.

Oh... $2000 for a comic?! I doubt there are anybody but investors that
pay that much. Just open the magazine, and the price drops by a few hundred
Investors -- phooey!


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