Disney-comics digest #208.

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Tue Jan 11 15:09:14 CET 1994

	The changes that I am today mailing out to Gladstone for "The
Guardians of the Lost Library" would be either pointless or impossible
for Stefan to include in the Swedish edition. There were a number of
changes in the dialogue, but nothing major as I recall. The rest of it
was changes in dialogue and art needed to add the major bit about the
Woodchuck emblem which, as you know, was always to be lost to any but
the American audience (small as it is) due to there not BEING a
Woodchuck emblem outside the U.S. --  or if there is, not the "J.W.W."
emblem which my story involved.
	The other new art involved correcting the Marco Polo error he
pointed out, bless his peapickin' lil' heart. What this involved was
some changes in dialogue and omitting of two panels on page 13, shifting
all the panel tiers up one on 13-15, then two new panels for page 15
where I simply moved the Marco Polo reference. Now I COULD send Stefan a
copy of the new panels which would make it possible for Sweden to
correct their version. However, it would involve clipping photostats,
moving panels, new dialogue, and coloring... and I think Stefan will
corroborate me on this: the Swedish publisher won't want to lift a
finger to go to the trouble of correcting any error no matter how
hideaous it is. They just don't get paid to do that. Their job is to
simply crank the stuff out and be done with it. Ask Stefan if he thinks
they'd go to any trouble to tamper with the story and I'll send him the
new art panels in a wink. (Norway and America are the only countries
that I think act like they are really concerned with doing the best
work they can... and if Norwegian readers don't agree, it's only because
Norway is bucking a system set up against that sort of attitude.

Now, I see my own message and I reminded myself to try to list the
birth/death dates from my notes. I see that I did not mess around with
the fringes of the tree yet -- therefore, I never made any notes
concerning Fanny or Gus; there wasn't much going on in that branch, so
the dates didn't matter much as long as I knew which generation they
each belonged in. Of these other characters, the dates are sometimes
partially given in "The Old Castle's Secret" as regarding the McDuck
ancestors. Other dates are exact when there was a need to be, otherwise
I didn't get fancy and I just used 5 year increments, 1920, 1925, 1930
and so on. (I wouldn't say 1921 if there was no specific reason to since
I knew I might still change a date here or there someday for some
reason. If a date ends in a blank, that means I figure the character
lived well past 1967. If a date ends in a "19??", that means I don't
know when the critter died, but they must surely be as cold as a carp
by 1970!

$CROOGE McDUCK 1867-1967
MATILDA McDUCK 1871-19??
DELLA DUCK 1920- (?)
CASEY COOT 1860-19??
CLINTON COOT 1830-1910
PINTAIL DUCK 1530-1564
FERGUS McDUCK 1830-1902
DOWNY McDUCK 1830-1897 (yes, I made a goof on her tombstone).
POTHOLE McDUCK 1829-19??
JAKE McDUCK 1832-19??
SEAFOAM McDUCK 1710-1776 (died in the war?)
MALCOLM McDUCK 1530-1564
SWAMPHOLE " 1190-1260
ROAST     " 1159-1205
STUFT     " 1110-1175
QUACKLY   " 1010-1057
EIDER     " 880-946


	That's all that's in my notes.

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