Disney-comics digest #491.

H.W. Fluks fluks at pcssdc.pttnwb.nl
Mon Nov 14 18:10:01 CET 1994

About that talking bird Ellsworth: in Holland, he is a "beo", which 
I think is some kind of parrot from Asia. So not a crow or raven.

Dentist gag
Dwight, about "The Dentist Visit" (D93070):
> The dentist thought the strip was pretty funny, too.

This idea has been used at least twice before in Egmont stories. So it may
be funny, but it's not new. Whoever wrote it just stole an old idea.

> I gave the dentist for the sign on his door, "Dr. Drillem N. Fillem,"

In a Dutch gag, a dentist was once called "Dr.I.L.Boor". Those who understand
Dutch, can see the joke. Others probably can guess it.

European visits
Dwight again:
> I'm off to Europe this Friday (the 18th).

I understand you'll visit Eindhoven in Holland only, but if you plan to go
somewhere near The Hague, let me know.

> (Just a Mickey Mouse translator)

Why do you use the word "just" here? You're too modest.

Donald's car
Wilmer gave an explanation of the word Maxwell in a Barks story.
I think this can be considered the first contribution to Geir Hasnes'
Barks Annotations List! Have you read it, Geir?


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