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Tue Aug 29 05:24:54 CEST 1995


> 	Abril Jovem - Brazil
> 	Editora Morumbi - Portugal

	OK, that makes more sense, at least. :)

> Have you really never heard of Editora Morumbi?
	Never, never.  I must check it out.  Maybe Morumbi is a branch of 
Editora Abril (holding of Brazil's Abril Jovem).

> What does the last 'SACAVEM' mean? Is it a place in Brazil? 

	It's a place in Portugal.  I suppose that comic is all edited in 
Portugal, while Abril Jovem ones are distributed in Brazil only.

>    Pato Donald #119: D6478 Donald o Gaminhoneiro

	Brazilian _Pato Donald_ #119 has been published in mid-50's and 
is very rare (and, of course, it wouldn't contain a D6478).  That edition 
is actually Portuguese.

	[]s,	Paulo Barreto

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