Story language

Olaf Solstrand harryklein at
Sat Feb 23 16:00:45 CET 2002

After FINALLY finding parts of the CBL in Colors at my local library, I have 
a question:

I notice that many of the dialogue balloons in CB stories have a very "free" 
language that does not at all look like what I learned in English class at 
school - like "kin" instead of "can" and "de" instead of "the". These 
examples I found in some villains' dialogue, but also Donald and his nearest 
have words in their vocabulary which are impossible to find in a dictionary.

I just don't get it! I've always imagined that this stories would be written 
in perfect dictionary American English, just like the Norwegian Duck Comics 
are in perfect dictionary Norwegian bokmål. I also notice this in some 
online Don Rosa stories. Can someone explain to me _why_ this is so?

Olaf Solstrand

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