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I think "Wolf" should be considered as their real last names, but the rest 
are nicknames anyway "Big" "Bad" Wolf has been nicknamed like that because he 
was Big and Bad, while Li'l Bad Wolf was nicknamed like that because he's the 
son of "Bad" Wolf, ie "Bad" Wolf Jr. The real name of the Big Bad Wolf is 
"Ezekiel", and is also nicknamed "Zeke". We don't know for his son (though I think 
it could be "Louie" for some reasons*)
I don't see what should be considered as strange, here...


* the universe of Li'l Bad Wolf character has been very developped in French 
stories, in the magazine "Pt'it Loup" (Li'l Wolf"), so French references are 
definitely important for this character. In French, the name Loup/Lou is a 
short for Louis, so his real name could be Louis...
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