DCML Digest, Vol 6, Issue 29

Arie Fachrisal cien2 at cbn.net.id
Wed Aug 13 20:46:47 CEST 2003

> Then I have been misunderstood. It's not Blums' person I have cristisized,

"Or it again proofs his (IMO) lack of respect for other artists, Barks

Sadly, your original posting was not shown to be "not critizing Blum's
person". Since English is not the majority of DCMLers' 1st language,
selecting what to write and the many meanings behind any words we write,
that should teach us to write with the clearest sentences and replies, not
meant to confuse anyone.

If the original intention is like u said, Sigvald (not critizing Blum's
person), then i'd say you've chosen contradictive original reply to show it.

> only his style and his policy towards my idols Barks and Rosa. And please
> let me add that my reactions is based upon the way his story about the
> was presented in DD&Co last year, and the fact that he accidentaly or
> delibratly *ignored* Ms Quackfasters first name that was first mentioned
> Don Rosa. As I have told you before Blum had easy access to I.N.D.U.C.K.S.
> and should IMO have found this name. The situation was different 11-13
> ago when DR needed the name for $crooges grandfather. That's why I don't
> blame Don for that mistake. Still I judge both DR and Blum by the same
> standards. Furthermore I have already, as you probably know, accepted to
> read ACs articles conserning Blum - that may change my views.

As Don Rosa himself has chosen to "ignore" characters made by some other
artists (Oona, Rumpus, etc) to be put in his stories, i find it no wrong
that some other Disney comic artists chose not to use some of Rosa's duck

People will either like it, dislike it, or simply ignore it and read the
story. I, for one, doesnt gave too much fuss about that name. If Blum can be
said to have lack of respect because of the Quackfaster's name, then Don
could easily be equally blamed as lacking respet to Barks for "improving"
(changing) some of Barks' duck facts to be made logical for the Lo$ series.

Blum is NOT obligated to use any of Barks/Rosa facts and neither does Don is
obligated to use any of VanHorn's/Jippes characters/stories to be put in
Don's stories.

I;m not good with English but i hope you get my point, Sigvald. I dont rate
the Blum's story high but i certainly dont think he lacks respect to Barks
or deserved anything to be said that he lacks respect. Lack of respect had
nothing to with the Quackfaster's name.

btw I like the quote of article you posted, Timo. Never knew about it.
Thanks for sharing it. It's about time a quality posting like that showed up
around here when most DCMLians seemed to have turned themselves into the
"happy" people of Brutopia.

Keep On Quacking,
Arie Fachrisal who doesnt want to be part of happy people of Brutopia coz he
still likes ice-cream.

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