Contra Dancing

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Wed Aug 13 20:50:46 CEST 2003

Sigvald writes:

>Elvis Presley did what was modern music from the 1950's until the 1970's.
>What many of you here seems to say, is that if someone had access to some
>old lyrics written by Elvis, that had never previously been used in any
>song, some modern artist could use those lyrics in a modern (2003) hip-hop
>context and still claim to be honest and respectful towards Elvis.

That's right, and what's more, it's already been done.  The hip-hop remix 
of "A Little Less Conversation" was a #1 hit single.  The video is at and a second hip-hop remix of an 
old Elvis tune is coming out this October.

But I still don't see how this "old lyrics" argument applies to "World Wide 
Witch."  I was under the impression that Blum was using his own ideas for 
this story, not old notes made by Carl Barks.

> >
> >> What has this Archie to do with Poirot or
> >> Ms Marple who was used in my example?
> >
> > What has Poirot or Ms Marple to do with
> > Carl Barks?
>I just wanted to use Agatha Christie as an other example of an old master -
>just like Barks.

I see.  Well, at least Archie is a comic book, and one intended for kids at 
that.  My point is that kid's comics change as the times change.

>Have you run out of contra-arguments now?

Is that a form of contra dancing?  Maybe they'll play an Elvis tune...

- Mark S.

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