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Wed Aug 13 21:04:27 CEST 2003

Daniël wrote:

> >As long as the characters adhere to the basic character traits that 
> >they were assigned, it's okay to stray from the Barks (or Gottfredson 
> >in the case of mice) ways.  
> I find it enjoyable when characters temporary go out-of-character, as 
> part of a (good) story plot. 
> For example: 
> - Gladstone having bad luck
> - Donald being a millionaire
> - Scrooge being bankrupt

But, to me, this isn't "going out of character." To me, such examples are 
being confronted with *plot* differences, as opposed to differences that effect 
the actual characters. Would Scrooge react apathetically if he went bankrupt? 
Would Donald save his money if he became a millionaire?
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