Marco Rota, and a suggestion for Donald's 70th anniversary

Daniel van Eijmeren dve at
Fri Aug 15 17:18:57 CEST 2003

MICHAEL PRIOR, 15-08-2003:

> Sure, a Rota story is a worthy subject for this mailinglist, 
> but somehow it's always this particular Donald's-birth-story. 
> Nothing new here.

I agree that Marco Rota's stories deserve much more attention. 
And I hope they will get a lot of attention from Gemstone, too.

Next year, Donald Duck celebrates his 70th anniversary. Maybe that 
would be a nice moment to print the "From egg to duck" life story 
(I HBP 1-1) in a Gemstone comic, in the USA? (Is someone from 
Gemstone reading this suggestion?)

Another Marco Rota story which I find great, is his money ocean 
story "Zio Paperone e il deposito oceanico" (I AT 215-A). I find 
the story, art, and visualization, just too beautiful to be true.

I also remember other Marco Rota stories which I like, but I can't 
look them up because I still haven't organized my collection after 
moving last year.

But I'm sure others will jump in here, and mention much more 
great Marco Rota stories. Right?

It's almost weekend. Maybe there will be some nice reading tips 
for Marco Rota stories, which would make a nice collection beside 
a hammock in a sunny garden?

--- Daniël (doesn't have a garden and a hammock, but okay...)

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