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Kjell Croné kjell.crone at ifsworld.com
Fri Aug 15 15:51:15 CEST 2003

These questions weren't intended for me, but I'll try to answer them anyway.

Daniël wrote:

> - Can you name five favourite artists?
Carl Barks, Al Taliaferro, Floyd Gottfredson, Paul Murry, Tony Strobl.

> - What are your favourite stories by these artists?
Barks: The Old Castle's Secret (4 Color 189)
Taliaferro: various Sunday pages from the 1940s.
Gottfredson: The Phantom Blot (dailies from 1939)
Murry: The Last Resort (WDC 152-154)
Strobl: Keelboat To Kickapoo (Vacation in Disneyland 1)

> - Why do you like these stories?
Probably because I read them at the "right" age, about 8-10 years.

> - What are your favourite scenes?
When the money dam bursts in 'Only a Poor Old Man'

> - Which jokes did you like the most?
When the parrot in "the Pixilated Parrot" (Barks) gets in love and counts
the chicks of a female parrot.
Many Mickey Sunday pages by Manuel Gonzales, featuring Goofy and/or
Ellsworth, usually from 1946-52.
When Goofy makes sound effects in a radio show (don't remember which story,
but probably a Goofy Dell One-Shot with art by Phil de Lara).

> - What are your favourite characters?
Donald, Goofy.

> - Are there situations in life which remind you of things you've read
>   in comics?
That happens every day. 

> - What's the first story you ever read?
That must have been before the age of 4, so I don't remember. 
One of the first I remember was a story, probably by Strobl, with Donald,
the nephews and Bolivar from 1958-9, I guess. I remember Bolivar sleeping on
the porch in front of the door (or perhaps just lying there).


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