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M.J. Prior M.J.Prior at
Fri Aug 15 15:12:06 CEST 2003

Considering a possible 'Life-and-Times-of-Pete'-series: 

me> I'd even suggest we need an Italian artist to draw it.

sg> I am not sure if that would be smart. Marco Rota once 
sg> tried to write about Donald's life. [...] he failed 
sg> because he didn't knew enough about Barks' views about 
sg> the relations in the Duck-family. 

Yes, what you're saying here is basically: "All Italian 
artists are bad, because Marco Rota once wrote a story 
which showed Grandma and $crooge being brother and 

And I agree: "Since the relationship between $crooge and 
Grandma will play an important and crucial role in any 
series considering the life of Black Pete, I hereby 
declare all Italian artists *utterly incapable* of 
respectfully handling our beloved characters, whose 
relationships are set in stone, per saecula saeculorum 
until the whole Universe ends with a gnab gib."

But I have to admit, Sigvald, that you *do* seem to try 
and pick your wordings with greater care and almost 
without typographical errors.

And do you see that you're almost the only one here that 
can get all upset and worked up about something that 
contradicts Rosa? That almost every one else only tries to 
convince you that that's allright with them as long as the 
world doesn't end with it? Please tell us about the things 
you like, instead of about what you don't like. Do you 
like Scarpa or Cavazzano? Feel like discussing them?

Michiel Prior.

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