First to name Duckburg

Lars Olav Karlsen donald at
Sun Nov 7 20:32:56 CET 2004

> I think I DO remember seeing that name [Duckburg] on a panel or two in

> the newspaper strips, but don't have time to look through all the 
> reprinted newspaper strips in my old US Comics and Stories issues

	For what it's worth, I've carefully read a complete run of WDC&S
up to 
the point where Duckburg is first mentioned in a Barks story (issue 
49), and I've seen no newspaper strip containing the word Duckburg.
	A few early strips do mention a home town, but it's never

But don't you have all the newspapers strips as well? It has already
been documented several places that the first place you get Duckburg in
WDC&S is by Barks but that does not exclude the use of the name in other
places before.

I am now working my way thru the cartoons so I soon will have an answer
to that. But I don't believe that I will find anything there because he
always lives in Hollywood, CA as I remember.

Lars Karlsen
Oslo, Norway

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