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Sun Jul 9 17:14:23 CEST 2006

Hi! As we all (probably) know, there are no duck comics published in United
This is very sad, since I really wanted to buy some comics when visiting
Of course, some comics shops sell the USA ducks from Gemstone, but to pay 7
£ (That's what I've seen them for) for a comicbook is a bit overpriced,
especially when in Sweden you can get a swedish Kalle Anka (Donald Duck) at
68 page format (in secound hand) for about 40 US-cent.

Are they ever going to publish comic in UK again? Is it because of that they
want books, and litterature.
Well, publish some Barks/Rosa then.
Here is a list of what a first thick good fact comic could include:

  The Old Castle's Secret
 Voodo Hoodo
 Land of the pygmy Indians
 The lost crown of Ghenghis Khan
 Tralla la
 The Philosophers Stone
 The Golden Helmet
 War of the Wendigo
 Return to Xanadu
 The Guardians of the Lost library
 The lost chart of Columbus
 The Crown Of The Crusader Kings
 A letter from home

359 pages, yes, but it would perhaps make comic-sceptic parents to buy it to
their children (And then make again a comic-nation)
Of course, 100 % fact based comics are MUCH better, it's because of that I
like duck comics , especially Barks/Rosa (And other fact comics)

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