Barks's rhythm

Donald D. Markstein ddmarkstein at
Mon Jul 10 15:07:44 CEST 2006

> Barks used a lot of rhythm and poetry. His dialogue looks almost 
> musical to me. In an interview, maybe in Donald Ault's book, Barks 
> told he counted syllables to prevent to words and dialogue getting too 
> difficult and long-winded. And there's of course his 'Ode to the 
> Disney Ducks' from 1999.

I quite agree about his rhythmic, musical dialog, and am not a bit 
surprised to hear he counted syllables. Barks has always had a very 
strong influence on my own writing style, which surprises people who 
don't know better, and think of him as just an artist. I've been a fan 
of his for more than 50 years -- starting about when I learned to read, 
as a matter of fact. By 1969, when I began writing professionally 
(feature stories in the Sunday morning New Orleans Times-Picayune), I 
was already seeing faint echoes of him in my own writing.

Quack, Don

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