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Chris Barat wrote:
> unlike Garvey Gull [who??]

Hmm... Let's see if my memory of that story serves me correctly ... This  

If so ... his Egmont name is Sonny Seagull. He's a homeless kid and a  
friend of Huey, Dewey and Louie. In INDUCKS he's described as "a sort of  
Huckleberry Finn as a birdface character who co-stars with HDL". According  
to the same database, he has appeared in fourteen stories (and I just read  
a fifteenth that's not inducksed yet). His main function, as I see it, is  
to be a wild kid which Donald thinks is a bad influence on the nephews  
(not saying he doesn't have other functions!). He likes hanging out by the  
railroad, which causes a lot of anger in the railroad inspector, Mr.  
Phelps, who could be said to be the closest thing Sonny has to a nemesis.

More about him:

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