Super Ducks

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Wed Jul 12 22:34:41 CEST 2006

I looked at wikipedia ( 
And looked for such names. I found out one super hero called Web Woman. Why 
not Webbed Woman for Daisy?

On 7/12/06, Gary Leach <bangfish at> wrote:


>     Given that, I’d much prefer to see “Super” Daisy or rather Papernika
>     debut under a much more clever name like the CRIMSON QUACKETTE, or 
>better yet,
>     since Donald emulates Batman in his “Dark Knight” persona, thus Daisy 
>could sync
>     up with Batman’s dark protégé The Huntress, taking on the name “DUCK 
>     (which is actually quite funny when you think about it!).

    DUCK HUNTRESS! I like it!

    Unfortunately (yeah, party-pooper time again), it too readily references 
DC's "Huntress" for comfort (DC's or Gemstone's). And the glitch with 
"Crimson Quackette" is it's a trifle too color-specific, which is too bad 
because it has a great rhythm.


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