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Fri Jul 14 17:27:28 CEST 2006


> I am probably wrong, but I *thought* Sonny Seagull had debuted some  
> time back in
> the USA and his name was given as "Sonny Seagull" at the time.

Back when we were starting up Gemstone's Disney comics line I  
remember going through a lot of Sonny Seagull stories in galley form  
and never imagining the character had another name. Such a thought  
never crossed any of our minds, and why would it? It's a perfectly  
serviceable name for American readers.

I have no idea of another comics character exists, or ever existed,  
that was named Sonny Seagull, but I wouldn't be surprised if there  
were several. The name is as alliterative as they come, a real natural.

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