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Fri Jul 14 17:55:49 CEST 2006


> Or is it, as in the case with Miss Emily/Florence Typefast/ 
> Quackfaster (not to
> mention her name change in DuckTales to "Mrs. Featherby") which  
> probably centers
> on editting consistancy?

Far and away the leading cause of such inconsistencies. Editors have  
all kinds of reasons for letting such things happen - lack of  
accurate information, lack of communication with other editors, lack  
of attention to detail, lack of the morning java jolt - but they  
almost all boil down to simple slip-ups that make it into print.  
Editors hate to see these happen, because they know they and the  
readers will have to live with them.

A moment on my soapbox: no editor can let him or herself be  
complacent about errors, and no reader should be expected to be  
either, but this very mailing list has featured many posts by readers  
who've seen darker doings behind them. That's not to say that the  
publishing biz hasn't got its share of dark doings, but very few of  
them have the purpose of confusing readers. At least, not intentionally.


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