DCML Digest, Vol 41, Issue 19

Luca Boschi totemboschi at libero.it
Mon Jul 17 15:25:12 CEST 2006

Hi, all!

After a long time, few lines by me... About today's topics on Barks'  
name, Marc Newman writes;

> Did you know the name Carl Barks by 1969?  If so, you were maybe  
> one of what, 300 people?

Oh, no. Many, many more. All the Italian Disney fans just knew Barks'  
name at least from Summer 1968. He was properly credited in the  
popular newspaper sold book "Via e dollari di Paperon de' Paperoni",  
which introduced some of the most important Barks' Uncle Scrooge  
classic stories. Maybe it was the very first time that Barks' name  
was joinde with some comics by him 8after the "Lemonade King" famous  
mention). Incidentally that book in Italian was a real hit, in the  
best selling collection "Gli Oscar", whic begun in 1962 with a  
Hemingway novel.

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