Duck comics in Uk

Lars Jensen lpj at
Mon Jul 17 21:29:28 CEST 2006

Victor wrote:

> Of course, some [United Kingdom] comics shops sell the USA
> ducks from Gemstone, but to pay 7£ (That's what I've seen them
> for) for a comicbook is a bit overpriced, especially when in Sweden
> you can get a swedish Kalle Anka (Donald Duck) at 68 page format
> (in secound hand) for about 40 US-cent.

Comparing the price for an imported brand-new prestige format comic
book (essentially, a modern trade paperback) with the price for a
domestic second-hand traditional comic is a bit unfair, don't you think?

> Is it because of that they want books, and litterature.
> Well, publish some Barks/Rosa then.
> Here is a list of what a first thick good fact comic could include [...]
> 359 pages, yes, but it would perhaps make comic-sceptic parents to
> buy it to their children (And then make again a comic-nation)

I don't know what Brits would want from a Disney comic, but I'm not sure
they would want "books and literature". (By "books and literature", do you
mean "stories for a more adult readership"?) Also, the problem with your
list is that it is a list for a one-shot publication. I can't imagine that
any publisher would buy a comics license from Disney and then only publish
one book. Try this thought experiment: have enough stories (of the kind you
think will sell in the UK) been made that a monthly could be kept going for
at least five years? If not, then I'm afraid many publishers would reject
the feasibility of publishing a continuing title like you describe.

> Of course, 100 % fact based comics are MUCH better, it's because
> of that I like duck comics , especially Barks/Rosa (And other fact comics)

What are "fact based comics"?


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