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Lars Jensen mentioned that the high price (7 Pounds) for imported Gemstone english language prestige comics in the UK should not be unfairly compared.
That price amounts to the cover price plus about 5 or 6 Dollars for shipping, and so it is not exhorbitant unless the seller is set up to use bulk transport.
Gemstone does not have overseas subscriptions, however now in the internet era, english language comics may be ordered online to be sent to almost anywhere. 
There are many sites that sell comics, but I prefer located in Boston, perhaps the closest location across the pond to Europe and further east, and they seem to have the quickest delivery time of about a week. 
They use the U.S. Postal Global Priority Envelope and charge 10 dollars for shipping, but the envelope holds about 10 comics meaning that if many comics are ordered together, the shipping cost could be only one dollar each. Aside from shipping, this site and most others charge just the cover price or less if several comics are ordered at one time. 
Marvin Winitz
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