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Following a discussion on a  French forum, I re-read Barks' "The Phantom of Notre Duck".

I remember the gag about the dragon (9.4), but not the text: "[...] Leonardo Da Vinci sure has you *framed*!" A fellow member of that forum posted a scan of  the two panels (9.3-4): http://img97.imageshack.us/img97/4314/save019yb9.jpg

Searching for Da Vinci dragons, I have only found sketches.
I found it odd that Barks might have made a mistake, since he was so well documented, but it is not impossible that he misremebered the artist's name; I don't think he would have dropped "Da Vinci" without a reason when he could have made up a funny name (Leonarduck Da Vinci) if  it were a pure invention.

I have searched the web for pictures of  dragons, and have found many versions of  Saint George's fight with the dragon, which all depicted him on his horse (except for Burne-Jones' version), but I have not found a single thing bearing a resemblance to Barks' drawing (knight, standing, ready to strike a serpent-like dragon, with a castle on the hill in the background).

Does anyone have any information on this?

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