Delta Dimension, Dinkie, and Muscles Mc Gurk

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Rather old mails... Rich wrote:

> For the maintainer of C.O.A. of INDUCKS.
> Under the character of Montmorency Rodent, his English names 
> are listed as:
> English: Montmorency, Mortimer, Monty, Uncle Mortimer.
> This is incorrect.  "Uncle Mortimer" is a totally different 
> character

It seems that Mortimer is listed as "Uncle Mortimer" in a Swedish
publication, but in the English language...

> Another thing I noted, under "Minnie's twin nieces" the 
> definition/description 
> implies that the "twin" nieces do NOT use the name Melody.  
> This is not true.

Right. I wrote there "Not the single niece Melody, but the twin nieces
who appear under different names in some stories (Millie and Tillie,
Pammy and Tammy)" to emphasize that Melody is a different character.

> In 
> the USA W 01518 A-06 Mickey Mouse: The Late, Late Show, the 
> Minnie says the twins 
> are named "Melody and Millie."

Okay, I'll adjust the text.

> A while back I asked about the name of Daisy Duck's cat in 
> the DUCKIES title and 
> was advised that readers were polled and the winning name was 
> "Minet", however, 
> she is listed as "Dinkie"?  Was name Minet replaced with 
> Dinkie or is Minet still used somewhere?

The name "Minet" may have been a misremembering from my side. The cat's
name is Dinkie alright.

> Finally, Dickie Duck made her USA debut in the story Story 
> code: D 99047 
> Title: Healthy Choice.  She is only depicted among the many 
> other kids, but her 
> visual imagery is unmistakable.  Again, in C.O.A. she is 
> listed as having the 
> English name of Paperetta Ye-Ye, even though it is fairly 
> common knowledge that 
> Romano Scarpa said her English name is "Dickie Duck."

I'm not sure why we list Paperetta Ye-Ye also as English name. This may
be a bug in the Inducks software, where it confuses "original name" and
"English name".

> However, I noticed there's not much of a description there, 
> and what is mentioned 
> isn't exactly correct.  He is listed as part of the DUCK 
> Universe, but I believe 
> it is more accurate to consider him part of the MOUSE Universe.

Will be corrected. Thanks.

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