Delta Dimension, Dinkie, and Muscles Mc Gurk

Stefan Persson spe at
Tue Jul 25 18:03:33 CEST 2006

On 2006-07-26 00:25, Fluks, H.W. (Harry) wrote:
>> Finally, Dickie Duck made her USA debut in the story Story 
>> code: D 99047 
>> Title: Healthy Choice.  She is only depicted among the many 
>> other kids, but her 
>> visual imagery is unmistakable.  Again, in C.O.A. she is 
>> listed as having the 
>> English name of Paperetta Ye-Ye, even though it is fairly 
>> common knowledge that 
>> Romano Scarpa said her English name is "Dickie Duck."
> I'm not sure why we list Paperetta Ye-Ye also as English name. This may
> be a bug in the Inducks software, where it confuses "original name" and
> "English name".

This is, I believed, caused by PYE not being listed in heroes-en.dbl.  Should we
add her as "Dickie Duck" to that file?


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