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Wed Jul 26 11:28:33 CEST 2006

Picked up this from
Just rumors (?) but... Well now that they are floating around the net and
has turned up on more forums like Andeby online etc. I thought I might as
well post it here.
Seems to be promising times ahead.

Posted at 8:00 PM by gormuu

Short answer? Yes. Long answer? Be patient.

In my further discussions with Gemstone, I asked if there were any plans to
release a comprehensive hardcover archive of Carl Barks' Duck material.
Currently, foreign markets in Norway, Sweden, Germany and Denmark are
getting lovely hardcover reprints of all the Barks Duck material in
chronological order, and while those fans are just ducky right now, their
release in Europe is getting in the way of a domestic US release. Within a
couple years, however, that will change. Once the non-interference
arrangement with European licensees elapses, the decks will be clear for US
release, and that will likely be in 2008.

And just to repeat: we'd be getting chronological Barks Duck releases, in
color, in hardcover. If this news doesn't make you quack with joy, check out
the next news update:

Are you a Floyd Gottfredson mouse fanatic? Gemstone will have you covered,
too! They're in the planning stages of a similar initiative to cover Floyd
Gottfredson's seminal work on Mickey Mouse strips, which began back in 1930!
This is about all there is to say about this project right now, but as soon
as there is more info to pass on, I'll let you know!



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