To DCML or not to DCML?

Dan Shane danshane at
Mon Jul 31 14:19:57 CEST 2006


Wow!  I've read some pretty heated items here in the past but this attack on
the Moderator is really uncalled for.  As one of the original members of the
DCML (since it's creation in 1992 in a more abreviated and primitive format)
I find the mean-spirited comment really sad.  The Moderator is doing an
awesome job.  He has a REAL LIFE too and shouldn't be expected to do 
anything more than provide a friendly place where people can chat about
Disney comics and creators.   Keeping people from 
doing things that would disrupt that format is part of the role of a
moderator and a valuable asset. 

<< snip >>

If I might add one thing?  No one is forcing ANYONE to read or post to this
mailing list.  We are ALL here of our own volition and because of a shared,
INTERNATIONAL interest.  Thus, if you don't like it here, there is no one on
EARTH forcing you to remain.


xephyr at


Film director Jean-Luc Godard once said the way to criticize a movie is to
make another movie.  I think the same rule can apply here.  If the original
poster does not like the way DCML is being run he can start a new mailing
list or forum (which he has done) and see if everyone migrates there.  No
bullying the moderator or whining to DMCL members is required.  A simple
advertisement about the virtues of the competing forum should suffice.

We are grown-ups (well, most of us are) and can make up our own minds if we
prefer one over the other, or we could see the benefit of using both.  (What
a concept!)  I am very happy here at DCML and have been practically since
its inception.  I have also visited the recently touted forum and see much I
like there.  I also see some posts I don't happen to agree with, but that
has been true here and on any other Web forum or mailing list I have
frequented.  Some message boards give evidence of a lot of owner/moderator
involvement, some less.  

I used to be a SysOp of a computer BBS, and sometimes discussions got heated
and required some intervention.  It was up to me to decide how much or how
little, though off-line input by members was always welcome.  The final
decision was mine, though, and that is how it should be unless someone sets
up a messaging system as a democracy.

I have said in the past (and it remains true) that DCML is by far the
friendliest forum I have ever been involved with.  Only occasionally have
hot topics surfaced, and overall the moderator has shown restraint until
common sense dictated the necessity to intervene.  I would hold up DCML as a
beautiful example of how an online community can exist and even thrive with
good manners and respect for human feelings.

Yes, DCML is running on old technology, but the message is the thing.  DCML
is like a comfortable old blanket that continues to keep me warm and happy,
even if the colors have faded a bit.  

Dan the Contented

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