DCML Digest, Vol 41, Issue 30

Per Starbäck 699 at nafsk.se
Mon Jul 31 15:49:16 CEST 2006

Replies to a couple of messages by Daniël van Eijmeren:

>> an internal link pointer on the DCML at:
>> http://stp.ling.uu.se/~starback/dcml/pointers.html
> The page contains dead links. For example:

It certainly does. As you can see at the bottom of the page it is last
updated in 2001, so like a big part of the web it is severely
outdated. Like many other old parts of the web it can sometimes be
partly useful anyway, so it's generally better to keep it than to
remove it completely. If nothing else, the state of affairs in 2001
can be rather interesting to see now. If you just want fresh
information you can certainly find it elsewhere. Old parts of the web
will fade away by being less and less googleable, so it's generally
not really a problem. I haven't checked, but I would assume that the
google ranking of the page you referred to is really low now.

(My plan when handing my Disney mailing lists over to NAFS(k) was to
hand over the accompanying web pages as well, but that hasn't happened
yet. If it ever will happen or not I don't know, or what might happen
after that in that case. At least as long as they still are with me
I don't plan on doing anything with them so you can see them as a
historical exhibit.)

> Rodney's message was "scrubbed". Is this scrubbing problem still
> going on at DCML?

I don't know. Today I updated NAFS(k)'s Mailman to the latest
version (2.1.8). Something about the "scrubbing" was mentioned in the
release notes, but I don't know if the problem you refer to has been
fixed with this. If you are interested in working on this, get in
contact with the Mailman people. I will certainly not do any
development of the list software myself, and I'm sure the same goes
for the rest of the NAFS(k) board as well, but if there is a bug in
Mailman you can help fix that will eventually be of benefit not only
for this list but for lots of other lists as well.

Daniël has also written a lot about the moderation here and writes
several times of "The Moderator", meaning me. I introduced moderation
before I handed over the list to NAFS(k), because of an emergency
situation that you know about, so back then I was "The Moderator", but
right now we are actually two moderators from NAFS(k). If anything
really hard to judge should come up we will refer to the whole board,
but no moderation has been necessary for a long time so it doesn't
feel like a big issue. That the list should continue to be watched
like this was one of the requirements that NAFS(k) had on accepting
the list though. My personal take was that I had got enough and would
have preferred not to be involved at all anymore, partly because now
that I'm still here I guess the break hasn't been that noticeable, and
some people are still seeing it as my list. But I still thought the
continuation of the list was important enough that I preferred to be a
part of it over closing it down, and those seemed to be the only

None of the above is really about Disney comics. I'm sorry about that.
I hope this will answer Daniël's questions to his satisfaction so this
half-off-topic thread won't have to be continued.

Per Starbäck

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