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Mon Jul 31 16:47:49 CEST 2006


> I am looking for direct references to Barks-stories
> I have tried to browse 
> INDUCKS for more, but so far no banana.

There is a lot of information in Inducks, actually. But in this case it
takes some effort to get it out of it.

*WARNING*: the rest of this message is getting very technical! Skip over
it, if you like.

I tried to do a query on the Inducks database like this:

SELECT s2.storycode, s2.title
FROM inducks_storyreference sr, inducks_story s1, inducks_story s2,
inducks_storyjob sj, inducks_storyversion sv
WHERE sr.fromstorycode=s1.storycode
AND sr.tostorycode=s2.storycode
AND sj.storyversioncode=sv.storyversioncode
AND sv.storycode=s2.storycode
AND sj.personcode='CB'

But the Inducks server reported that it simply takes too much time to
perform this query...
One reason for this may be that we are currently working on improving
COA. This includes defining new Inducks tables.
The new Inducks tables have not been optimised for speed yet.

I tried a simpler one, knowing that Barks stories usually have a
"creation date" while others don't:

SELECT sr.fromstorycode, sr.tostorycode
FROM inducks_storyreference sr, inducks_story sto, inducks_story sfrom,
inducks_storyversion sv
WHERE sr.tostorycode=sto.storycode
AND sr.fromstorycode=sfrom.storycode
AND sv.storyversioncode=sfrom.originalstoryversioncode
AND sto.creationdate<>''
AND sv.kind ='n'

This results in a bunch of story codes, including the Rosa ones, the
Jippes redrawings of Barks scripts, Brazilian re-makes with Joe Carioca,
Japanese-Manga-remakes, and even Barks re-using his own plots.
I filtered some of these out, and here is the rest. The ^ is used as a

AR 145^W OS   62-02^
AR 145^W OS  456-02^
AR 145^W US   21-02^
AR 145^W US   59-01^
B 75132^W US   48-01^
B 780409^W DD   26-02^
B 790164^W US   44-04^
B 800002^W OS   62-03^
B 800047^W US   22-04^
B 800079^W US   60-01^
B 810098^W US   32-02^
B 820155^W JW   16-01^
B 830019^W US   20-03^
B 830179^W WDC 199-01^
B 850108^W US   65-01^
B 870024^W US   60-01^
B 870069^W US   66-02^
B 910160^W US   39-02^
B 930085^W CP    9-01^
B MK  298-D^W US   32-02^
B RJC 029^W WDC 259-01^
B RJC 030^W WDC 263-01^
B RJC 034^W WDC 256-01^
B RJC 036^W WDC 248-01^
B RJC 039^W WDC 267-02^
B RJC 053^W WDC 273-01^
B RJC 055^W WDC 274-01^
D  3829^W US   65-01^
D  4175^W WDC 306-00^
D  4813^W WDC 146-01^
D  5866^W WDC 206-02^
D  6006^W OS  422-02^
D  6274^W WDC  71-02^
D  7250^W WDC  99-02^
D  7274^W WDC  92-02^
D  7710^W OS  386-02^
D  8584^W LGBD 84-03^
D 2000-079^W OS  223-02^
D 2000-188^W US   12-02^
D 2001-143^W OS  367-02^
D 2002-042^W US   28-01^
D 2003-081^W US   10-02^
D 2004-012^W OS  223-02^
D 88139^W WDC  93-02^
D 88176^W OS  159-01^
D 90161^W CGW Y 1-01^
D 90172^W OS 1184-10^
D 90314^W US    6-02^
D 90314^W US   14-02^
D 91076^W WDC 107-02^
D 91192^W US   18-02^
D 91362^W OS  263-05^
D 91411^W US   11-01^
D 91411^W USGD  1-02^
D 92008^W US   69-02^
D 92083^W US   10-03^
D 93554^W WDC 141-02^
D 93577^W OS  199-02^
D 94066^W US   13-02^
D 94144^W OS  408-02^
D 94202^W US   33-02^
D 96066^W OS  422-02^
D 96089^W US   26-04^
D 96203^W DISBP 1-03^
D 96264^W OS   62-02^
D 96264^W OS  147-02^
D 96325A^D 96325^
D 98062^W US   13-02^
D 98346^W DD   54-01^
D 98346^W OS  263-02^
D 98346^W US   39-02^
D 99072^W US   34-04^
D D 2001-013^W WDC 249-01^
D D 2005-035^W OS  386-02^
D D 2005-035^W OS  456-02^
D D 2005-035^W US   27-01^
D D 2005-035^W US   56-02^
D D 2005-035^W US   59-01^
D ZM70-09-06^W US   39-01^
F BHNS-71-1^W CID   1-02^
F JM 96332^W OS  189-03^
F JM 97999^W WDC  99-02^
F JM 97999^W WDC 142-02^
F JM 97999^W WDC 188-01^
F JM 97999^W WDC 198-02^
F JM 98998^W WDC  78-02^
F PM 95307A^W US   18-05^
H 24193^W WDC  64-02^
H 74mont1^W OS  422-02^
H 94138^W WDC  48-02^
S 63053^W WDC 159-01^
S 70130^W US   23-02^
S 70159^W WDC 210-02^
S 70192^W US   11-02^
S 76178^W WDC 260-02^
S 84155^W WDC 269-02^
W CGW W 1-01^W OS    9-02^
W DD   54-01^W MOC  20-01^
W DD   76-05^W WDC 178-02^
W DD   79-02^W WDC 155-01^
W DG   38-06^W WDC 161-01^
W MM   74-01^W OS  422-02^
W MM   77-01^W OS    9-02^
W MM   87-05^W WDC 204-01^
W OS 1109-02^W WDC 141-02^
W OS 1140-02^W OS  263-02^
W OS 1151-05^W OS  422-02^
W PPTC  1-07^W OS    9-02^
W US   20-01^W OS  263-02^
W US   30-04^W WDC  98-02^
W US   34-04^W OS   29-02^
W US   38-05^W WDC 154-01^
W US   41-02^W US   31-01^
W US   61-02^W US   19-02^
W US   64-01^W US    5-04^
W USM   1-11^W US   28-05^
W VP    1-09^W OS  238-04^
W WDC 184-01^W WDC  43-02^
W WDC 185-02^W WDC 173-02^
W WDC 186-02^W WDC  45-02^
W WDC 190-01^W WDC  54-02^
W WDC 197-02^W WDC  94-02^
W WDC 212-02^W WDC  93-02^
W WDC 215-01^W WDC 105-02^
W WDC 217-01^W WDC 128-02^
W WDC 219-01^W WDC  59-01^
W WDC 224-01^W WDC 117-02^
W WDC 228-01^W WDC  58-02^
W WDC 229-01^W WDC  34-01^
W WDC 231-01^W WDC  89-02^
W WDC 235-02^W WDC  81-02^
W WDC 236-01^W WDC  77-02^
W WDC 243-01^W WDC 143-01^
W WDC 248-01^CS WDC  64^
WM WDC 249^W US   10-02^
XU GEM 105^W OS  291-02^
ZM 54-02-28^W WDC  56-02^
ZM 55-02-27^W OS  147-01^

Have fun! 8-)


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