A scan of the Donald Duck comic strip

Myklebust, Are Are.Myklebust at nav.no
Mon May 14 09:47:53 CEST 2007

> Michael Prior wrote:
> "Timo Ronkainen:  "Strange thing is that "Truman" is lettered
> different way than other text, it is changed. Finnish translation has
> "Roosevelt" instead." 
> You truly have An Eye For Detail, Timo! Let's see if we can sort this
> out. The original comic strip appeared in newspapers on April 5, 1945.
> Shortly after this, Franklin D. Roosevelt died on April 12, 1945. That
> must be the reason why the dialogue was changed to "Truman" when the
> strip was reprinted in September's WDCS #60, which is the scan
> provided by Bob Bishop." 
> This is exactly the reason for why I needed a scan! Look out for a
> posting soon about this subject at David Lesjak excellent blog "Toons
> At War" ; 
> http://toonsatwar.blogspot.com
> Are Myklebust
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