latest news: DCML Digest reaches Volume 100

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Sun Aug 28 14:27:28 CEST 2011

Also, in recent news, Nils Lid Hjort writes about this,
in the recently published DCML Digest Volume 100,
and explains that he is partial to the deca-based
number system, in spite of having lectured publicly
about the virtues & idiosyncracies of the octo-based
system apparently preferred in Duckburg, and therefore
was unwilling to let this historic opportunity pass him by.

Long live the DCML & its hundred volumes of Intelligent
& Educated Duck Talk -- though we ought perhaps to
discuss yet other possibilites and options in our modern
webfooted web space. Should we collectively emigrate to
a well thought out well-admin'd discussion group on Facebook,
perhaps? There *are* a hundred Duck related groups on
Facebook, but most of them are merely floating bodies
in zero-valued cyber space with nothing to say, and the
few of these with something resembling intelligent life
on board are too unstructured and meaningless. The easy
way out is therefore perhaps simply to say "leave it be,
let's continue with the DCML", but as we know even the
DCML does not always generate the interest and discussion
level that all our worthy themes deserves.

Nils Lid Hjort

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