Decline of American Disney Duck Comic Books

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Sat Aug 27 19:48:40 CEST 2011

Greetings to everyone!

I was also wondering what had happened to our forum, but knew that the
reason for the silence was the silence from BOOM Comics and/or Marvel and
- ultimately - Disney with one of their best-loved, if not popular,
fantasy worlds (i.e. The Duckburg Universe) now dormant in America.

Perhaps if Don Rosa were still physically capable of producing stories,
things would not have gone downhill, but he himself predicted the decline
of comic books some years ago.

Certainly the anti-business attitude of the present government in
Washington D.C. does not encourage people to take a risk in rebooting the
franchise: perhaps even Scrooge McDuck himself would be loathe to invest
in a comic-book venture in the present climate of hostility.  [IMAGE]

We have read many ideas here about "e-comic books" on-line, and how that
would be more economical, but you still need to pay someone to draw and
create the stories, program a website, buy advertising, pay Disney (aka
The Big Mouse) a licensing fee up front, etc.  Cheaper than paper
publishing, yes, but you would still need thousands of dollars to start
such a company.

And yet..perhaps someone will still try that technique, despite
everything!  Or will again attempt a regular format on paper!  From my
school experiences right now (I teach Latin to 6th-8th Graders) I know
that a new generation of children would still enjoy The Duckburg Universe
through well-done stories, despite competition for their attention from
violent videogames and a thousand other distractions.  I know that their
parents - who grew up with Duck Tales on TV and Don Rosa comics (and
others e.g. Van Horn)  in the 1980's and 1990's - would appreciate such a
positive influence!

And yes, Best Wishes especially to Don Rosa, and all others who have kept
the dreamland of Carl Barks alive for so many years!

L. Schulte

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