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César Ferioli

[By François Willot:]

César Ferioli is one of the best Spanish Disney Comics artist. He first worked for Disney France through the Comicup Studio around 1985, short after the first Comicup stories appeared in France. Ferioli was very influenced by Maximino Tortajada, but then developed his own style after a few stories. He was also influenced by Miquel Pujol.

He did many Mickey, Goofy, Sport Goofy and James Ding stories for Le journal de Mickey in the 80s (I don't think he did any Duck stories for France), and also submitted a few drawings to GP in the Netherlands and Mondadori in Italy. The stories he did for GP don't show the best of the artist. On the contrary, his French stories are most of the time excellent and improved greatly along the years.

One of the best stories he ever did were part of the famous James Ding series published in the late 80s, but his other Mickey stories (with the Phantom Blot and many other characters) are almost as good the James Ding ones. Ferioli also did some Ellsworth back cover gags (the first ones produced by Disney-France) and Super Goof gags during the Olympic Games.

Since the late 80s, César Ferioli has been working for Egmont in Denmark exclusively. His style changed again and became more realistic (and a bit less Disney, maybe!). He also drew (with Maria Manrique as inker) Fantasy Island with a script written by Byron Erickson, which I consider to be one of the best Mickey stories ever.

Last updated February 6, 2000.

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