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> As a solely English speaker, most other languages seem  to appear very 
> curious.

As a teacher of foreign students I can tell you there are many 
"Inconsistencies" in English.

Many words with more than one meaning or pronounced differently, is just the 
beginning of problems for learning English
"Read"    are you doing it or already done? (Reeeed or red)
Context of the sentence helps us, but some foreign speakers are reading a 
word at time.

Many words from other languages or unknown sources and idioms we use that 
seem commonplace.
 "Yankee"  Actually from the Revolutionary War

I recall a translation of "Hold the Fort" (basically: keep things safe) for a 
European Disney Comic-it was translated into:
Keep the Castle

I know Mr. Rosa tries very hard to be careful with dialogue.
Things to be translated need to make sense.

I think most foreign languages are a little more "Pure"

English is a melting pot of many languages.

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